Defeat Three Waters
Defend Local Control

The Government is taking the control of water assets away from local, democratically elected councils and handing it over to unaccountable regional bodies.

These assets were built by generations of ratepayers. Any change to their ownership or control should only be made with a referendum of each council’s residents.

With control of local water assets heading off to major centres, rural and provincial communities will lose their say over how their water is managed.

While many councils have stood up for their communities and opposed Three Waters, others have been silent or even supported this central government asset grab – all without any democratic mandate.

While central government may be forcing Three Waters on councils, local government still needs to be held to account for their position.

Local Government (LGNZ) - the national body meant to promote the interests of councils and their residents - signed an agreement with the Government that prevents it from criticising Three Waters.

This failure to stand up for local communities is so fundamental, that all councils should withdraw from LGNZ, like Timaru District Council has, and spend the $4 million that goes to LGNZ on local infrastructure needs instead.

Tell your councillors to stand up for their local communities and hold a referendum on Three Waters.
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